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How to Live With Someone in an RV Full-time – 5 Things to Remember

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Guest post by Sam

Living in an RV is a different lifestyle to the expected normal, living with a partner even more so. You’ve got it all sussed out in your home, but in a metal box 24/7 it’s surprising what issues start to crop up! Here’s a few handy tips I’ve learnt in my time living in a small RV with my partner.

I – Communication

You’ve got to remember, depending on the size of your RV, you’ll be stuck in a much smaller space together and there will be no escape. Sulking or avoiding topics won’t help. Nobody is a mind reader and best to be honest. It’ll save a lot of anguish in the long run and nothing worst than travelling miles and then realising you’ve had some miscommunication!

You’re going to be in very close proximity so get used to being open with each other.

II – Space

No, not the final frontier, but your own personal space and theirs. I said you couldn’t escape, but that’s not quite true and it shouldn’t be! Spending 24/7 in a tiny room together, you’ll get on each other nerves eventually no matter how good you think you are. So depending on the level each of you need, plan different activities so can have some free time to self.

It doesn’t have to be outside the RV, many of us in this day and age like to escape into the electronic world or even the paper world. I’d say just remember to not interrupt or that sometimes they’ll just need to read a book or chill on their phone with no other thoughts so they can destress and reset. You’ll need the same too. Take the time to give each other that space.

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III – Division

You might already have this sussed out in your household or a decent routine between you and your partner but the RV is a different kettle of fish. You’ll want to avoid stepping on toes and even more so stepping on dishes. Make sure to divide up tasks fairly so nobody gets upset or grumpy.

Doing one’s fair share certainly prevents any arguments and nobody wants to drive all day then do the cooking. I’d create a plan that works for you two so that on those off grumpy days nobody starts irritating each other with snide comments. Also it’s good for overall cleanliness, it’s surprisingly how quick the little chores can build up!

IV – Compromise

You might say that all relationships involve compromise, even more so when moving in together, but again you might have this down to a tee in your household but the RV can add extra complications. I’m more a night owl than my partner, normally I can just sneak to bed in a house without much disturbance. But the motorhome rocks and shakes and it makes any covert efforts useless and one grumpy woken up partner!

I wouldn’t expect it to be exactly the same, you’ll find new things you’ll need to compromise on and work on together. You’ll know each other best and what works, but especially if you’re going away for longer trips you’ll need to work out those kinks and get a good routine that fits. Maybe you’re the techie and usually got nearly all the house sockets used up, well in your RV you might only have one or two sockets and you’ll have to share more than you would before.

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V – Laugh

The most important of them all! Laugh at each other and together, and learn to love each other’s idiosyncrasies.

Things will go wrong

Things will break

The Whole World might decide it’s against you both one day.

Rather than taking anger out on each other or getting irritated, try to laugh no matter how bad it is and tackle those obstacles together.

At the end of day, you’re wanting to travel together so remember to have fun! No matter what happens.

Unless your partner eats all the chocolate, that’s just unforgivable.

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