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How To Store Glassware in an RV or a Caravan

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Ah, I know, this may not be the biggest problem in the world, but it really is a problem that needs addressing though! I love to have my wine from a proper wine glass and even for water, the plastic cup doesn’t feel quite right to me.

So, my hunt to find the perfect way to store glasses in an RV or a caravan became surprisingly hard. In a world of gadgets, how come no one has addressed this problem properly before?!

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I found out that most people wrap their glasses in clean socks or a bubble wrap, but as a person of lazin-, erm, convenience, I wanted to find easier solution.

Basically, to prevent your glasses from breaking in an RV or a caravan, they

  • need to be packed tight enough, so that they can’t move too much
  • can’t touch each other
  • need enough padding around them

And this is my solution. I don’t have a photo yet, so I used Photoshop to give you an idea of what I mean. A basket padded with foam and dividers, also made of foam.

Source: Basket | Wine glass | Foam

Other suggestions for similar solution: if you have just bought your glasses, keep the original packaging you bought them in, or get a wine bottle box from a liquor store – they’ll probably give you one for free.

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Source: MotorHome

This idea from MotorHome magazine works the same way – I actually think this is a wine bottle box which has been cut lower to hold drinking glasses.

Other ideas I found:

1 Padded Bottle Bag This one is actually for baby bottles, but I can’t see why it wouldn’t work for wine glasses as well.

2 The Container Store Wine Glass Bag – A purpose built wine glass bag I found from The Container Store.

3 Wine Glass BagAnother handy wine glass bag if you have quite a few!

4 Fishing Rod Rack This is the top part of fishing rod rack and many people have successfully installed these on the wall to hold wine glasses from their stems.

5 Yoebi I found these handy holders from Amazon – they can be used on a boat to stop your wine glass falling over when the boat rocks, but I think they could be used to hold your wine glasses in an RV too.

6 Craft foam Use a craft foam or similar and cut holes to fit your glasses exactly to them, like this:

Other DIY Ideas From Internet

Source: Howards

Install a sock drawer divider (plastic | fabric) and some non-slip shelf liner inside your kitchen drawer.

Source: MotorHome

If you are handy, make your own wine glass holder from wood, more information here.

Source: Practical Motorhome

This tutorial from Practical Motorhome tells you how to make a holder from vinyl flooring.

+ Extra: Unbreakable Glasses

If you want to prevent the hassle of protecting your glass wine glasses altogether, you could look into unbreakable wine glasses. Maybe I’m personally too snob to use anything else than glass, so I don’t have personal experience of these, but I must admit that there are nowadays quite a few interesting options.

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1. 100% Tritan Traditional looking wine glasses made of plastic. // 2. Copper Coated Stainless Steel Wine Glasses // 3. Wine Glasses Made Of Stainless Steel // 4. Vivocci Stemless Glasses // 5. Stainless Steel Stemless // 6. Silicone (I think this would be too much though. :D) // 7. Jewel Tones Stemless // 8. Colorful Plastic

Thanks for reading! I would absolutely love to hear what’s your solution in storing glassware in an RV?

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